Hotel Bathroom Cleaning

Hotel Bathroom Cleaning

Specialist Permanent Solutions

Having cleaned thousands of bathrooms for the countries leading hotel chains we know exactly how to revive a tired and dirty bathroom to it’s former glory with a permanent solution that saves downtime and maintenance and ultimately money.

  • 1000′s Bathrooms Cleaned
  • Permanent Solutions
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Good as New
  • Quick and Easy

Many Hotel bathrooms have dirty discoloured grout lines which have a negative effect on the appearance of the bathroom.

In most case when all cleaning approaches have been exhausted the grout lines are re grouted straight over the old grout …………the same discolouring process begins again except this time there is no room left in the grout line to re grout.

The only place to go now is the grinding out of the grout and re grouting. Even if this process is carried out without causing damage to any tiles the same discolouring process begins again….there is a theme developing….

Now there is a way of breaking this cycle.

The process known as colour sealing can be carried out in brand new bathrooms so the discolouring process never starts or used to completely restore the grout of existing tired bathrooms.

Clean Tile and Grout are working for

  • Holiday Inn
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Somerston Hotels
  • Park Inn
  • Thistle Group
  • Hilton Hotels
  • Marriot
  • Q Hotels

Grout Perfect is formulated to look and feel like grout. However when colour sealed the grout becomes impervious to moisture. This means that any stains can be wiped off using a damp rag.

Daily maintenance become easier and the chemicals used less harsh.

The process can be used on floors and walls alike.

To see the process in action and have a free demonstration call 01256 882840

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