Grout Cleaning & Restoration

The History of Grout Perfect

In 2008 Steve Poole visited Dick Pollock of Grout Perfect in the States to discuss the opportunity of importing Grout Perfect into the UK. Dick Pollock manufactures the premier grout sealing product and runs a service business in Florida providing colour sealing.

Grout Sealers have a host of different names. They can be referred to as grout stains, grout pens, grout paints, grout dyes and many more. These sealers are usually very thin in consistency and penetrate the grout sitting beneath the surface.

Grout Perfect is just the opposite.The colour sealant is as thick as pancake batter and actually resembles grout. The sealer is an acrylic resin. It has added concrete hardeners and modified urethane sealing agents that hardens to give additional strength in bonding to sanded grout. With the highest degree of stain protection, it greatly reduces the maintenance needed on your grout to keep it in optimal condition. This is the main reason as to why professionals use Grout Perfect with confidence – they know it works!

Grout Perfect® colourseal utilizes a concrete hardener that activates only when it contacts the ingredients of cement (grout) such as calcium carbonate (limestone) and silica (ground granite) aggregate. That is why Grout Perfect colourseal actually hardens on grout and remains removable from the ceramic tiles.

Having been used in the USA for 20 years and is massively popular. It is now found and used worldwide!

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