Anti-Slip Treatments

There is a huge market place for anti slip treatments

Anti-slip products are often renown for their lack of effectiveness, often working for the initial few weeks until they eventually tend to wear out and leave you back at square one.

You will usually find this occurs because the floor was not thoroughly clean before the anti-slip treatment was applied. Contractors find it virtually impossible to revert older tiles to the ‘brand new’ state they needs to be for the anti-slip to work to its full potential.

The completely bespoke ‘retriever’ deep cleaning system practised by Clean Tile and Grout cleans your tiles to unparalleled levels . The combination of pressure, vacuum, heat and emulsification deep cleans the floor to a brand new state, ideal for applying anti-slip in an effective manner.

Even a wet shoe or footprint is enough to activate the formula, which expands upwards to dramatically reduce a chance to slip and fall. This treatment maintains the original appearance of the tiles and is only truly visible when moisture is applied.

Ideal for swimming pools or bustling public areas, the application has minimum ‘down-time’ – once applied, you can walk on it immediately. Compatible with most surfaces, the system may be just what you need to increase levels of health and safety in your business.

Enquire today and see if we can provide the right anti-slip product for you!

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